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Release Nuxeo Server version in JIRA



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    • Fix Version/s: NXP-2021.x
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      When releasing a new version of the Nuxeo Server, we want that version to be automatically released in JIRA also.


      As there is not only the Server in NXP, but also other components such as Retention, Glacier, Explorer, ... that follow their own versioning, we want to have dedicated versions for each component.

      • For the Server, we will end up with 2021.1, 2021.2, ...
      • Explorer for instance will have its own versions, such as explorer-20.0.0, ...
      • Other addons without their own versions will use ADDONS_2021, ...

      A 2021.x JIRA version is created and available. All issues fixed for the next release have 2021.x as fix version.

      Release Flow

      When we've promoted a new server release, a new pipeline will be triggered to release and create a new version in JIRA:

      • Retrieve all NXP issues that are on this release (through git commit messages).
      • Update all NXP issues fix version from 2021.x to 2021.Y.
      • Release the 2021.Y version in JIRA with the current date as the release date.
      • Create the next version on JIRA: 2021.Y+1, with the release date set.

      Notes about Updating NXP Issues Fix Version

      As we are promoting a given build to be a release, all NXP issues resolved with 2021.x as fix version are not necessarily in the release, they could have been merged and resolved after the promoted build.

      With git we need to find all commits between the latest release and the build we promote to extract all NXP issues. Only those issues will have their fix version updated, other issues will keep 2021.x.


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