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Provide Spanish, German and Italian translations for the Windows installer



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: WIN-1.0
    • Component/s: Windows Packages


      Translations as of Nov. 21 2011:

      # Installer Language Strings
      LangString ^UninstallLink ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Uninstall ${PRODUCTNAME}"
      LangString ^UninstallLink ${LANG_FRENCH} "Désinstaller ${PRODUCTNAME}"
      LangString ^UninstallLink ${LANG_SPANISH} "Desinstalar ${PRODUCTNAME}"
      LangString ^UninstallLink ${LANG_GERMAN} "Demontieren Sie ${PRODUCTNAME}"
      LangString ^UninstallLink ${LANG_ITALIAN} "Rimuovere ${PRODUCTNAME}"
      # English
      LangString dep_title ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Dependencies"
      LangString dep_subtitle ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Download and install the following dependencies"
      LangString dep_explain_java ${LANG_ENGLISH} "WARNING: Could not detect JDK 6 or 7"
      LangString dep_explain_office ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Required for document preview and conversion:"
      LangString dep_explain_pgsql ${LANG_ENGLISH}  "EXPERIMENTAL - Automatically configure PostgreSQL database:"
      LangString rm_title ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Removal options"
      LangString rm_subtitle ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Do you want to remove the following?"
      LangString rm_tmp ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Temporary files"
      LangString rm_data ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Data files"
      LangString rm_logs ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Log files"
      LangString rm_conf ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Configuration files"
      # French
      LangString dep_title ${LANG_FRENCH} "Dépendances"
      LangString dep_subtitle ${LANG_FRENCH} "Télécharger et installer les dépendances suivantes"
      LangString dep_explain_java ${LANG_FRENCH} "ATTENTION: JDK 6 ou 7 non détecté"
      LangString dep_explain_office ${LANG_FRENCH} "Nécessaire pour la prévisualisation et la conversion des documents:"
      LangString dep_explain_pgsql ${LANG_FRENCH}  "EXPÉRIMENTAL - Configurer une base PostgreSQL automatiquement:"
      LangString rm_title ${LANG_FRENCH} "Options de suppression"
      LangString rm_subtitle ${LANG_FRENCH} "Voulez-vous supprimer les éléments suivants ?"
      LangString rm_tmp ${LANG_FRENCH} "Fichiers temporaires"
      LangString rm_data ${LANG_FRENCH} "Fichiers de données"
      LangString rm_logs ${LANG_FRENCH} "Fichiers de log"
      LangString rm_conf ${LANG_FRENCH} "Fichiers de configuration"
      # Spanish
      LangString dep_title ${LANG_SPANISH} "Dependencias"
      LangString dep_subtitle ${LANG_SPANISH} "AVISO: Descargue e instale las siguientes dependencias"
      LangString dep_explain_java ${LANG_SPANISH} "No se ha detectado JDK 6 or 7"
      LangString dep_explain_office ${LANG_SPANISH} "Requerido para la conversión y previsualización de documentos:"
      LangString dep_explain_pgsql ${LANG_SPANISH}  "EXPERIMENTAL - Configurar automáticamente la base de datos PostgreSQL:"
      LangString rm_title ${LANG_SPANISH} "Opciones de eliminado"
      LangString rm_subtitle ${LANG_SPANISH} "¿Desea eliminar el siguiente?"
      LangString rm_tmp ${LANG_SPANISH} "Archivos temporales"
      LangString rm_data ${LANG_SPANISH} "Repositorio de datos"
      LangString rm_logs ${LANG_SPANISH} "Archivos de logs"
      LangString rm_conf ${LANG_SPANISH} "Archivos de configuración"
      # German
      LangString dep_title ${LANG_GERMAN} "Abhängigkeiten"
      LangString dep_subtitle ${LANG_GERMAN} "Lädt herunter und installiert folgende Abhängigkeiten"
      LangString dep_explain_java ${LANG_GERMAN} "ACHTUNG: JDK 6 oder 7 konnte nicht gefunden werden"
      LangString dep_explain_office ${LANG_GERMAN} "Wird für die Dokumentvorschau und Konvertierung benötigt:"
      LangString dep_explain_pgsql ${LANG_GERMAN}  "EXPERIMENTELL - Sie konfigurieren automatisch PostgreSQL Datenbank:"
      LangString rm_title ${LANG_GERMAN} "Demontierbare Optionen"
      LangString rm_subtitle ${LANG_GERMAN} "Wollen Sie das folgende demontieren ?"
      LangString rm_tmp ${LANG_GERMAN} "TMP löschen"
      LangString rm_data ${LANG_GERMAN} "Daten löschen"
      LangString rm_logs ${LANG_GERMAN} "Log-Infos löschen"
      LangString rm_conf ${LANG_GERMAN} "Konfiguration löschen"
      # Italian
      LangString dep_title ${LANG_ITALIAN} "Dipendenze"
      LangString dep_subtitle ${LANG_ITALIAN} "Scarica ed installa le dipendenze seguenti"
      LangString dep_explain_java ${LANG_ITALIAN} "ATTENZIONE: Impossibile rilevare JDK 6 or 7"
      LangString dep_explain_office ${LANG_ITALIAN} "Richiesto per l'anteprima e la conversione del documento:"
      LangString dep_explain_pgsql ${LANG_ITALIAN}  "SPERIMENTALE - Configura automaticamente il database PostgreSQL:"
      LangString rm_title ${LANG_ITALIAN} "Opzioni di rimozione"
      LangString rm_subtitle ${LANG_ITALIAN} "Vuoi rimuovere il seguente?"
      LangString rm_tmp ${LANG_ITALIAN} "file temporanei"
      LangString rm_data ${LANG_ITALIAN} "file di Dati"
      LangString rm_logs ${LANG_ITALIAN} "file di Log"
      LangString rm_conf ${LANG_ITALIAN} "file di Configurazione"




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