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Upgrade nexus packages to 3.19.1



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      Upgrade from 3.18.0 to 3.19.1


      Security Fix for discovered CVECVE-2019-16530.


      NEXUS-21381Prevent Docker Proxy Repository throwing null pointer exceptions and blocking some image pulls after upgrade.

      CocoaPods Format Support

      NEXUS-19970Nexus Repository Manager now provides native support for CocoaPods proxy repositories. Developers using Swift and Objective-C languages will now have easy access to pods and podspecs while gaining several advantages of proxy support.

      Conda Format Support

      NEXUS-19866Nexus Repository Manager now provides native support for Conda proxy repositories. Those using Python, R, Ruby, Lua, Scala, Java, JavaScript, C/C++ and many more languages can now set up proxy repositories for Conda packages.We are continuously getting feedback from developers and excited to continue the rapid growth of native support for our official repository formats.

      npm dist-tag

      NEXUS-9862New abilities for adding and removing "distribution tags" into npm metadata via the npm CLI. As one of our top requested improvements to Nexus Repository Manager, we are excited to continue our support for npm developers.

      S3 Performance Improvements

      NEXUS-17797Higher performance S3 storage ability for Nexus Repository Manager deployments in AWS. This batch of work improves performance with enhanced support for encrypted S3 buckets, use of custom encryption keys, simplified permission testing, and essential improvements to storage space metrics.

      Docker Windows Image Support

      NEXUS-19120Added support for Docker Foreign Layers. Nexus Repository Manager users can now proxy docker images with foreign layers when pulling Microsoft Windows images.

      REST API Improvements

      NEXUS-19144, NEXUS-19142, NEXUS-19143, NEXUS-19145, NEXUS-19146, NEXUS-16734Enhanced REST API endpoints for initial provisioning and maintenance of Nexus Repository Manager. Users will also benefit from new improvements to endpoints for local and external roles and permissions, privileges, and content selectors.

      Go Format Data Integration

      NEXUS-20682Users who also have access to Nexus Lifecycle can now view Go component details in the Component IQ tab. Delivering advanced component information through Nexus Intelligence, details for Go components include information on policy violations, license issues, and security vulnerabilities that are known for a specific component.

      Multi-policy Cleanup

      NEXUS-19525NXRM admins can now make use of regular expressions to cleanup a given repository by team and/or project. The ability to apply multiple cleanup policies for an individual repository can even be used for longer retention of a certain set of artifacts.


      [NEXUS-10679 NPM repos don't handle HEAD requests


      [NEXUS-19102 Unable to proxy private Azure (ACR) registry

      User Interface

      NEXUS-20674 Fixed an exception occurring when a user manually logs out of the user interface.


      NEXUS-19235Propagates the quarantine status code when NXRM proxies another NXRM with Firewall enabled.




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