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Retain users' preferences of annotation menu like type of arrows, font, size, line thickness, highlight, fit to page …




      1- By default, when you draw an arrow it is a double direction arrow, but it can be changed to one direction arrow. Problem is next time you draw an arrow again; it is back to a double direction arrow. Is there a way for the system to remember the user’s choice?

      2- Same thing for the color, let's say the user decides to change the color and draws a red arrow. Is there a way to set up the system so that it retains users' last choice?

      3- Same thing for the line thickness, if a user wants to make the arrow with a thicker line, can the user preference be retained?

      4- Sticky notes: Can the system retain the last font size used by the user?

      5- Highlight: If the user changes the highlight color, can the user choice be preserved for next time he/she needs it?

      6- Fit to Page, user has the possibility to choose the way he/she wants to view a document. Can the system remember that user preference?


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