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Error when creating saved search and using nuxeo-directory-suggestion for boolean value



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 10.10, 3.0.15
    • Fix Version/s: 2.4.71, 3.0.19
    • Component/s: Widgets
    • Release Notes Summary:
      nuxeo-directory-suggestion for a boolean value works with saved searches.
    • Backlog priority:
    • Sprint:
      UI - 2022-11, UI - 2023-01, UI COOLDOWN - 2023-01


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a a trueOrFalse vocabulary with these 2 values as ID : true, false. labels can be anything.
      2. Make a custom schema and document with a directory field, boolean field and string field.
      3. Link the directory field to the trueOrFalse vocabulary.
      4. Add creations, edit, metadata and view document form with the 3 fields above.
      5. Make a custom page provider with the 3 fields above use "=" as search operator.
      6. Add the page provider to the Nuxeo left menu set it to manual search.
      7. Add 3 fields in the search form in that specific order : directory field, boolean field and string field.
      8. Use a nuxeo-directory-suggestion element for the boolean field. (have to do it in the code)
      9. Deploy the configuration.
      10. Create 2 documents with values in the 3 fields : true, true, true and the other with : false, false, false. (to get false on boolean, select and then unselect checkbox)
      11. Play with the search form to validate you find each documents.
      12. Set the search form to : true, true, true
      13. Perform the search.
      14. Open the browser dev tool in the console tab.
      15. Save predefined search.
      16. Reset the search form.
      17. Try to recall the saved search.
      18. Reload browser window.
      19. Open the browser dev tool in the console tab if not already open.
      20. Recall the search from the saved search filter dropdown menu.
      21. Perform the search.

      Observed Results
      The following error is seen in the browser console

      Uncaught (in promise) Error: Value for SingleSelectivity instance should be a valid ID or null
          at a.validateValue (main.bundle.js:8112:29495)
          at a.setValue (main.bundle.js:8112:45652)
          at e._valueChanged (main.bundle.js:8417:4504)
          at Object.C [as fn] (main.bundle.js:13227:69903)
          at k (main.bundle.js:13227:69420)
          at e._propertiesChanged (main.bundle.js:13227:80838)
          at e._flushProperties (main.bundle.js:13227:61736)
          at t.__enableOrFlushClients (main.bundle.js:13227:79257)
          at t._flushClients (main.bundle.js:13227:78994)
          at t._propertiesChanged (main.bundle.js:13227:80792)




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