Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 2021.34 - HTML format


  • [NXP-31531] - Document modification event fired even if document is not updated
  • [NXP-31616] - Make workflow escalation check scalable
  • [NXP-31621] - Make Kafka replication factor param optional
  • [NXP-31636] - Fix CSV export with MongoDB transient store
  • [NXP-31642] - Fix keycloack typo
  • [NXP-31668] - Mixing Kafka and Chronicle default logConfig results in duplicate records
  • [NXP-31673] - Fix StreamWorkManager running threads metric

New Feature

  • [NXP-31643] - Add a Page Provider management endpoint


  • [NXP-31662] - Remove LTS server preview from build pipeline
  • [NXP-31680] - Merge Tomcat upgrade pull requests automatically
  • [NXP-31681] - Move the artefact data-test-les-arbres-redis-1.1.gz to packages
  • [NXP-31683] - Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.72


  • [NXP-29512] - Make PostgreSQL and MongoDB unit tests statuses required
  • [NXP-31665] - Fix retainable simple blob list not properly dispatched to the record blob provider
  • [NXP-31674] - Print a log message when Nuxeo is shutting down

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