Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 2021.23 - HTML format


  • [NXP-30639] - Fix NPE on memToACP when accessing a corrupted document
  • [NXP-30979] - Upgrade various dependencies to fix CVE
  • [NXP-30992] - Avoid transaction timeout when mongodb maxtime is reached
  • [NXP-31001] - ImagingComponent callPictureConversionChain should handle automation transaction
  • [NXP-31007] - Fix update of proxy's Picture metadata when a picture document is published before Picture properties are computed
  • [NXP-31010] - Fix possible NPE on KeyValueBlobTransientStore GC
  • [NXP-31055] - Fix handling of & character in encrypted properties
  • [NXP-31080] - Avoid Record overflow during bulk indexing of huge fulltext
  • [NXP-31082] - Bulk status computation should not fail when the bulk command does not exist
  • [NXP-31104] - Write correctly the error when uncaught exceptions occur in OAuth2 servlet
  • [NXP-31117] - Fix TestESRestClient test


  • [NXP-31068] - Change ElasticSearchComponent#isReady method visibility to public
  • [NXP-31085] - Stream Management: Cat endpoint to view stream content
  • [NXP-31130] - DirectoryCSVLoader error on CSV having BOM

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