Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 2021.16 - HTML format


  • [NXP-30683] - Mongo index creation should not be done for each new connection
  • [NXP-30788] - Enable Log4j trace correlation with OpenCensus
  • [NXP-30801] - Fix NPE in ReadVersion permission replacement
  • [NXP-30841] - Improve indexing reliability when Elastic is overloaded


  • [NXP-28595] - Run S3BinaryManager/S3BlobProvider unit tests in the CI
  • [NXP-30865] - Don't prevent Nuxeo from starting if MongoDB indexes are not correct
  • [NXP-30881] - Move Nuxeo dependencies from nuxeo-server-tomcat to nuxeo-nxr-server


  • [NXP-30789] - Enable trace and logs correlation with Datadog tracing

Clean up

  • [NXP-30859] - Clean up rendition json enricher to not produce warn logs

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