Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 2021.13 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24760] - Rework async binary metadata process
  • [NXP-27809] - The BinaryMetadataWorkListener is not triggering the work after a document update
  • [NXP-30545] - Improve robustness of DBSSession.remove(String rootId) wrt reference of non-existent proxies
  • [NXP-30628] - Fix asynchronous binary metadata mappings
  • [NXP-30704] - Fix release job when build is in progress
  • [NXP-30710] - Fix NPE on ComputationRunner timer
  • [NXP-30713] - Remove the assignment to the ZIP "extra" field to produce correct ZIP
  • [NXP-30719] - Errors when querying for Users and Groups
  • [NXP-30722] - Fix NPE in S3 truststore configuration
  • [NXP-30743] - Make GC work correctly when bucket versioning is enabled
  • [NXP-30764] - Upgrade Apache log4j to 2.16.0


  • [NXP-30730] - Fix potential NPE in ContributionFragmentRegistry#toMap
  • [NXP-30752] - Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.56
  • [NXP-30756] - Upgrade Apache log4j to 2.15.0


  • [NXP-28535] - Offer a configuration option to remove the mobile app banner notification
  • [NXP-30607] - Provide options at nuxeo.conf level to tune Bulk recompute thumbnails
  • [NXP-30623] - Allow to append to multi-valued properties using Document.Update operation
  • [NXP-30637] - Make MailMessageBlobHolder depend on MailMessage inheritance
  • [NXP-30700] - Bulk SetPropertiesAction - "VersioningOption" parameter does not take effect when Versioning Service is extended via XML Extension
  • [NXP-30716] - Make the New S3 binary Manager fully compliant with the retention addon
  • [NXP-30744] - Add support of SHA512 to PasswordHelper

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