Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 2021.12 - HTML format


  • [NXP-23518] - Fix BackingServiceConfiguratorTest on Windows
  • [NXP-29097] - Fix operation Repository.Query when parameter 'searchTerm' is provided with an empty string
  • [NXP-30279] - Nuxeo 2021 (zip package) + Mongo + Windows => Fails to start
  • [NXP-30550] - Log more information on ClassCastException on readComplexProperty
  • [NXP-30578] - Fix READ ACLS computation on versions after a permission change
  • [NXP-30632] - Fix blobProviderId still present when moving blob from a S3 blob provider to another S3 blob provider
  • [NXP-30657] - Fix poor performance of automation helper functions
  • [NXP-30678] - Retention: context parameter permissions are empty for an admin user
  • [NXP-30705] - Prevent bulk action 'recomputeViews' from updating document's dublincore properties
  • [NXP-30712] - Text finder errors should always fail the stage/build



  • [NXP-28316] - Keep the platform fully available while performing a re-indexing with alias
  • [NXP-30673] - Enable to set bulk query limit from PP rest invokation
  • [NXP-30674] - Use longer socket timeout elastic index command
  • [NXP-30702] - Improve Groovy class loading in SegmentIOMapper
  • [NXP-30703] - Don't notify Slack when build is aborted

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