Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF49 - HTML format


  • [NXP-30062] - Handle mails with attachments without Content-Disposition
  • [NXP-30077] - VideoConversionWork should handle unknown mime-type
  • [NXP-30170] - Don't recreate workflows at startup
  • [NXP-30192] - Handle permission restriction in DocumentModelResolver
  • [NXP-30202] - Implement a SSLValve to use/parse the new nginx header ssl_client_escaped_cert
  • [NXP-30219] - Fix re-indexing of proxy when parent folder of target document is moved to the trash
  • [NXP-30281] - Add a MongoDB index for Drive getChangeSummary
  • [NXP-30326] - Fix long-running thumbnail generation for large office files
  • [NXP-30360] - Fix search results not being sorted when a quick filter is used
  • [NXP-30417] - Check immediate parent when emptying trash
  • [NXP-30434] - User Favorites Not Showing in WEB UI
  • [NXP-30465] - Fix temporary blob move to transient storage when parent folders are deleted by the GC
  • [NXP-30485] - Fix TestPictureResize systematic failure in 10.10 T&P


  • [NXP-30294] - Possible OOM on XLS fulltext extraction with POI
  • [NXP-30382] - Tune recomputeThumbnail bulk action to avoid transaction timeout or stream failure
  • [NXP-30444] - Fix Nuxeo 10.10 build
  • [NXP-30469] - Add explicit timeout on Video conversion
  • [NXP-30475] - Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.48
  • [NXP-30477] - Add mime type for mts blob


  • [NXP-28861] - Add an index on the nuxeo.aceinfo:id field for MongoDB repository
  • [NXP-30145] - Add a parameter not to save the document in the operation 'Document.SetMetadataFromBlob'
  • [NXP-30215] - Add indexes for user and group directories
  • [NXP-30243] - Add index on collection:documentIds to optimize RemovedCollectionWork
  • [NXP-30348] - Return a HTTP 404 (not found) when handling uploads with a missing associated file
  • [NXP-30368] - Take into account fulltext maxSize when computing text in FulltextExtractorWork
  • [NXP-30432] - Add MongoDB indexes on fetch annotation requests
  • [NXP-30438] - Compute update thumbnail in a dedicated transaction per documents
  • [NXP-30456] - Allow User to specify SSL protocol
  • [NXP-30470] - Use longer Elastic timeout for write operation

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