Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF37 - HTML format



  • [NXP-29044] - Kafka CommitFailedException while respecting poll interval generating duplicate processing
  • [NXP-29794] - Resolve downstream Nuxeo Package versions from the requested resolved versions
  • [NXP-29833] - Check ACL name for null
  • [NXP-29924] - Async automation chain call doesn't return the blob
  • [NXP-29931] - Fix SimpleManagedBlob.getFile
  • [NXP-29939] - UserProfile enricher should write all schemas
  • [NXP-29943] - Invalid CloudFront link for versions

New Feature

  • [NXP-29945] - Provide a tool to analyze the content of the default WorkManager queue


  • [NXP-29677] - Increase default number of partitions for Bulk Action and StreamWorkManager queues
  • [NXP-29836] - More robust blob upload to GCP
  • [NXP-29840] - Making writing Double property in JSON marshallers support Long values
  • [NXP-29938] - ZIP preview should not write to disk

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