Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF30 - HTML format


  • [NXP-28889] - Fix navigation to document whose URL contains newline
  • [NXP-29100] - Delete the related workflow instances when a document is deleted
  • [NXP-29131] - Refresh AWS credentials when expired during an S3 upload
  • [NXP-29245] - Fix NPE in comment service notification
  • [NXP-29326] - Fix progress bar when uploading from GDrive with LiveConnect
  • [NXP-29347] - nuxeo-document-task-assignment-popup should return comment
  • [NXP-29358] - Fix stream consumer latency
  • [NXP-29380] - Cleanup Listener removeTasksForDeletedDocumentRoute does not scale
  • [NXP-29399] - UserManager does too many invalidations
  • [NXP-29404] - Fix S3 Direct Upload for big files
  • [NXP-29439] - Fix functional tests not running because of cucumber reports
  • [NXP-29441] - Handle correctly parent directory during deserialization
  • [NXP-29454] - Fix WebUI build

New Feature

  • [NXP-29098] - Migration Service Improvements
  • [NXP-29361] - Add an option to disable Stream Processing



  • [NXP-29198] - position should support exact offset
  • [NXP-29210] - Make document-form-layout navigate do the document/response returned by the PUT request
  • [NXP-29329] - nuxeo-web-ui-ftest does not find feature files
  • [NXP-29336] - Improve JSF Admin NOS registration page in offline case
  • [NXP-29446] - Backport MongoDBConnectionService#getClient method

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