Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF29 - HTML format


  • [NXP-26843] - Fix security not restricted enough when logging anew with a restricted user
  • [NXP-28402] - ShellExecutor must be able to trace the executed command in 10.10
  • [NXP-28726] - Fix woodstox library version used by add nuxeo-management-rest-api 1.0.0
  • [NXP-28740] - OpenID auth via Github will stop working on July 1 2020
  • [NXP-28798] - Task endpoint should work if a task has a missing DocumentRoute
  • [NXP-28918] - Fix JSF EL evaluation of a condition using a multi-valued property in a filter used by a picture conversion
  • [NXP-28923] - Fix blank screen in Spreadsheet Editor when column on a blob's property is included
  • [NXP-29099] - Delete the related tasks when a Workflow instance is deleted
  • [NXP-29139] - Cannot remove blob that failed to upload
  • [NXP-29140] - S3 Direct upload keep-alive keeps going after failed batch
  • [NXP-29171] - Fix update of task's variable of type user/group using JSON entity type 'group' via REST API
  • [NXP-29215] - include "advanced" admin-audit level filtering on doc history [Backport]
  • [NXP-29217] - Login page is not localized in japanese
  • [NXP-29252] - EasyShareFolder expiration notification is missing the title
  • [NXP-29256] - Fix class UserMapperBasedResolver
  • [NXP-29272] - Upgrade log4j and slf4j libraries
  • [NXP-29289] - Implement missing methods for Marklogic
  • [NXP-29303] - S3BlobProvider misses blob digest computation
  • [NXP-29343] - Include nuxeo-diff-content in HF after 10.10-HF25

New Feature

  • [NXP-29190] - Add notion of profile in Nuxeo


  • [NXP-29129] - Web UI Upload Issues
  • [NXP-29204] - Fix AJP connector when secret is not required
  • [NXP-29226] - Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.36


  • [NXP-26620] - Add abort actions on upload widgets
  • [NXP-28291] - Gracefully handle upload errors on document import
  • [NXP-29231] - Backport NXP-26676 to add missing MongoDB index for renditions
  • [NXP-29238] - Enable to register a Processor without running it (10.10 Backport)
  • [NXP-29257] - fix audit view date filter label japanese translation
  • [NXP-29258] - fix new permission dialog date label japanese translations
  • [NXP-29260] - Fix typo in test package name of nuxeo-core-bulk MyFileScroll
  • [NXP-29266] - Upgrade to Apache httpclient 4.5.11
  • [NXP-29275] - Add document types to the retention rules view layout
  • [NXP-29291] - Bump the transient store L1 cache TTL to 3 days by default
  • [NXP-29292] - Use AWS TransferManager in S3DirectBatchHandler

Clean up

  • [NXP-29222] - Upgrade dom4j to 2.1.3
  • [NXP-29287] - Don't log WARN if S3 bucket prefix does not end with slash

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