Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF26 - HTML format


  • [NXP-26190] - Fix Easyshare not to display versions among suggestions
  • [NXP-28532] - Error on document JSON serialization should mention doc id and property
  • [NXP-28787] - Fix tooltip on delete button of a drive synchronized root in the Web UI
  • [NXP-28806] - Missing spaces in the Retention Duration
  • [NXP-28808] - Two retention page titles are not translated
  • [NXP-28810] - Retention Rule document type label is not translated
  • [NXP-28812] - Terminate multipart upload to S3 when user cancels the blob upload
  • [NXP-28885] - Retention Search feature is not working
  • [NXP-28895] - Retention rule duration should be not be 0
  • [NXP-28931] - WorkTest stuck against PostgreSQL / StreamWorkManager / Kafka
  • [NXP-28943] - Missing label on the Input / EL expression linked to the event based retention
  • [NXP-28952] - Fix retention/legal hold with S3 transactional blob store
  • [NXP-28958] - Adding a new item within a new template doesn't work
  • [NXP-28964] - Fix annotation handling under a version
  • [NXP-28975] - Fix default blob dispatcher != operator
  • [NXP-28990] - Fix regression in JSF UI document suggestion widget introduced by NXP-27564
  • [NXP-29057] - Don't save non-dirty toplevel property
  • [NXP-29062] - Fix potential ORA-24816 by setting long value at the end
  • [NXP-29064] - Fix bad in perf template
  • [NXP-29066] - Init of the ACL document root occurs many times

New Feature

  • [NXP-28227] - Add ecm:path variable to the default blob dispatcher
  • [NXP-28267] - Add full regexp-based match to DefaultBlobDispatcher


  • [NXP-28939] - Split the retention starting point properties


  • [NXP-28804] - Missing quickfilters to see documents under retention
  • [NXP-28986] - Allow >= and <= operators in default blob dispatcher
  • [NXP-28987] - Allow float and date values in default blob dispatcher
  • [NXP-28989] - Make default blob dispatcher easier to subclass with custom properties
  • [NXP-28991] - Make JsonESDocumentWriter easier to subclass for fulltext

Clean up

  • [NXP-28974] - Proper cleanup for tests leaving documents under retention / legal hold

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