Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF23 - HTML format


  • [NXP-26003] - Fix retrieval of personal workspace for user with special characters
  • [NXP-26744] - "user:NAME" shown in the task when you use "user:NAME" as assignee in a workflow
  • [NXP-27154] - Task list should be refreshed when displaying home page
  • [NXP-27654] - Add a unique index on ecm:id in MongoDB
  • [NXP-27835] - Fix element 'nuxeo-clipboard' when it copies/moves a proxy in a section
  • [NXP-28483] - Non admin user can't add or edit text on the freetext box annotation
  • [NXP-28484] - Updating annotation text from webui removes external entity metadata
  • [NXP-28502] - Fix permanent deletion of folder containing a large number of documents in MongoDB
  • [NXP-28518] - Fix TestSQLBackendArrayColumns.testBulkFetch on PostgreSQL
  • [NXP-28524] - Improve ComputationRunner resiliency when Kafka is not reachable
  • [NXP-28526] - Make S3 Direct Upload compatible with S3-like storage
  • [NXP-28533] - Translate document type in the toast displayed at creation
  • [NXP-28571] - Make S3BinaryManager.abortOldUploads async and optional
  • [NXP-28588] - Home/Dashboard Button should close the Drawer
  • [NXP-28606] - Fix blank screen in Spreadsheet Editor when 'thumbnail' column is included
  • [NXP-28635] - Take the save param into account in Document.AddItemToListProperty and Document.RemoveItemFromListProperty operations
  • [NXP-28638] - Running workflows not displayed for user not involved but with permissions
  • [NXP-28650] - Download of async computed files should not fail when doing HEAD before GET
  • [NXP-28661] - Allow concurrent startup of Nuxeo instances
  • [NXP-28666] - Fix Web UI enforceCommentable boolean property parsing
  • [NXP-28674] - Fix regression in page provider 'default_collection_candidate'
  • [NXP-28700] - Fix external entity retrieval when commented document is versioned
  • [NXP-28703] - Fix Tomcat AJP
  • [NXP-28717] - Update automation doc for AddFacet, RemoveFacet and ResetSchema to explicitly state the document is saved by default
  • [NXP-28727] - Document created under a placeless document Mustn't be a placeless.
  • [NXP-28731] - Create comments on a placeless document must be effective

New Feature

  • [NXP-28417] - Glacier low-level implementation
  • [NXP-28508] - Expose Nuxeo Stream latency metrics to Datadog


  • [NXP-28645] - Forbid version creation and restore for records
  • [NXP-28656] - Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.31


  • [NXP-27657] - Enable S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • [NXP-27823] - Home page retrieves all tasks at once
  • [NXP-28185] - Allow avoiding use of the HTTP proxy for S3 connections if the S3 endpoint is internal
  • [NXP-28254] - Fix users who participate to a conversation do not receive notifications
  • [NXP-28558] - SchedulerService may fail when starting multiple Nuxeo nodes
  • [NXP-28597] - Implements facet API on SimpleDocumentModel
  • [NXP-28599] - Blob properties should expose final URL if possible
  • [NXP-28716] - Allow simple S3 blob provider implementation override, and use proper require

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