Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF21 - HTML format


  • [NXP-26783] - OneDrive LiveConnect icon not visible in blob actions list
  • [NXP-27157] - Fix query to get Template documents
  • [NXP-27163] - Fix collection and favorites listing refresh when a document is added
  • [NXP-27918] - Fix 'Spreadsheet editor' when displaying column for a multi-valued string field
  • [NXP-28011] - Add support for l10nvocabulary vocabulary layout
  • [NXP-28050] - Add Set Legal Hold Bulk Action
  • [NXP-28117] - Trigger content view reload after closing Spreadsheet editor
  • [NXP-28253] - Fix wrong notification sent on comment edit
  • [NXP-28274] - Don't assume picture dimensions prior to conversion
  • [NXP-28373] - nuxeoctl hangs on failure with strict mode
  • [NXP-28403] - Fix Elasticsearch query for history with multi-tenant isolation
  • [NXP-28406] - Handle duplicates with MongoDB
  • [NXP-28433] - Fix nullifying a multi-valued complex property
  • [NXP-28436] - Task Refresh button does nothing
  • [NXP-28443] - Do not remove tags when a document is trashed
  • [NXP-28500] - Do not set ETag header in initial stored, lazy rendition "empty" response
  • [NXP-28513] - Upgrade nxrm3 to 1.0.3
  • [NXP-28521] - Fix MongoDB upsert retry to avoid duplicate key error
  • [NXP-28522] - Do not set Last-Modified header in initial stored, lazy rendition "empty" response
  • [NXP-28527] - Fix TestMongoDBIndices.shouldFailWhenCreatingExistingChildNameDocument on mongodb4
  • [NXP-28550] - Fix test testProxyOnNullTarget on DBS

New Feature

  • [NXP-25712] - Add some metadata on objects stored in S3
  • [NXP-27435] - Record, Retention and Hold low-level implementation
  • [NXP-28007] - Add description when setting legal hold
  • [NXP-28276] - Refactor blob providers infrastructure for more flexibility
  • [NXP-28456] - New implementation for the encrypted (AES) blob provider
  • [NXP-28460] - New implementation S3BlobProvider


  • [NXP-27692] - Integrate Retention addon
  • [NXP-27831] - Write Retention Functional tests
  • [NXP-28135] - Record management - Empty or past date value for metadata based retention
  • [NXP-28300] - Add nxql search functional test
  • [NXP-28367] - Merge Retention module V1


  • [NXP-26370] - Fix rendering of field of type 'Document' in spreadsheet editor
  • [NXP-26890] - Make the selectivity setter helper to clear value before setting a new one on single value mode on ftest framework
  • [NXP-28086] - Bulk Service should have an option to use an Elasticsearch scroller
  • [NXP-28334] - Create a scroll service
  • [NXP-28485] - Align nuxeo-management-rest-api addon with HF builds
  • [NXP-28488] - Add BlobProvider.supportsSync to avoid relying on BinaryManager for sync tests
  • [NXP-28499] - Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.30

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