Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF39 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24873] - login box background color customization does not work
  • [NXP-27168] - Fix NXQL operator ILIKE when querying elasticsearch
  • [NXP-28301] - Fix 9.10 Web UI functional tests
  • [NXP-28467] - Fix unit tests which will fail in 2020


  • [NXP-28169] - Update labels in nuxeoctl to mention tokens instead of password
  • [NXP-28354] - Update ant-maven-assembly-plugin
  • [NXP-28468] - Upgrade Tomcat to 8.5.31

Clean up

  • [NXP-28398] - Don't rely on custom-built Tomcat "light" artifact (backport)

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