Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF19 - HTML format


  • [NXP-28155] - Replace remaining uses of WorkManager#listWorkIds


  • [NXP-24873] - login box background color customization does not work
  • [NXP-27168] - Fix NXQL operator ILIKE when querying elasticsearch
  • [NXP-27173] - In StreamProcessor descriptor defaultPartitions is not taken in account
  • [NXP-27614] - Model name containing comma leads to error
  • [NXP-27621] - Stabilize Web UI functional tests on master and 10.10
  • [NXP-27946] - Fix video preview overflow in task view
  • [NXP-28013] - Child path not updated when parent restored from trash
  • [NXP-28081] - Test framework ignores the NUXEO_URL env variable after login
  • [NXP-28113] - Inifinite loop when parent and child ids are identical
  • [NXP-28119] - PDF.ExtractText fails when no search pattern is provided
  • [NXP-28167] - Enable 'nuxeo-drive-sync-toggle-button' element for collections
  • [NXP-28243] - Child Vocabularies aggregates results not shown
  • [NXP-28270] - Problem with subtype in nuxeo-document-creation-behavior
  • [NXP-28278] - Fix sanitization of tag label when a tag is removed
  • [NXP-28298] - Fix nullifying a multi-valued property
  • [NXP-28303] - Find a mechanism to avoid the transaction timeout while running the binary GC
  • [NXP-28305] - Fix double "Greater than" typo in nuxeo-web-ui-bundle
  • [NXP-28312] - clipboard actions are hidden when screen height is too small
  • [NXP-28348] - Null pointer in aspera Transfer class
  • [NXP-28349] - Fix DocumentModelJsonReader failing to read unknown property
  • [NXP-28361] - Fix click on selectivity 10.10 Web UI functional tests
  • [NXP-28366] - Use nxrm3 1.0.3-NX1 when building
  • [NXP-28393] - Upgrade to Gatling > 3.2.1 to fix ELB tcp keepalive

New Feature

  • [NXP-28051] - Update Nuxeo Drive link for GNU/Linux binary
  • [NXP-28321] - Update pom.xml to enable Nexus staging plugin


  • [NXP-28156] - Remove WorkManager#listWorkIds usage from PictureViewsGenerationWork
  • [NXP-28158] - Remove WorkManager#listWorkIds usage from ThreeDBatchUpdateWork
  • [NXP-28159] - Remove WorkManager#listWorkIds usage from TestRenditionService
  • [NXP-28374] - Use nxrm3 1.0.3-NX2 when building


  • [NXP-28114] - S3 Direct Upload keep-alive
  • [NXP-28169] - Update labels in nuxeoctl to mention tokens instead of password
  • [NXP-28309] - Add skipClean in webui build to support building it as an addon
  • [NXP-28329] - Add Nuxeo Stream probe to health check by default for 10.10
  • [NXP-28354] - Update ant-maven-assembly-plugin

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