Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF13 - HTML format


  • [NXP-27640] - Fix 'Spreadsheet editor' opened on a collection in Web UI
  • [NXP-27710] - Fix lock info not available on tooltip after locking document
  • [NXP-27829] - Fix download of preview after file is attached to a document in Web UI
  • [NXP-27832] - Fix DirectoryOperationsTest.shouldCreateNewEntriesIfSomeParamsMissing test on MongoDB
  • [NXP-27896] - Fix parse error with Elasticsearch Histogram
  • [NXP-27929] - Fix filter on non writable collections

New Feature

  • [NXP-27873] - Allow global disabling of facets, like Versionable


  • [NXP-27947] - Reduce response size of the ACL enricher

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