Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF08 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24764] - Downloading file from Edit tab does not log an audit event
  • [NXP-26294] - Fix random test failure on StreamWorkManagerTest#testCoalescingWorks
  • [NXP-26560] - Fix error message when deleting an entry referenced in another vocabulary
  • [NXP-27110] - Fix use of NOT LIKE and NOT ILIKE in search widgets
  • [NXP-27158] - Mail template workflowDocuments variable is not evaluated in task mail notification
  • [NXP-27166] - Weird rendering of zip content in nuxeo-document-preview
  • [NXP-27256] - Cannot set lifecycle state with CSV importer in "import" mode
  • [NXP-27265] - Disable Nuxeo Stream when is set to false
  • [NXP-27278] - Fix assignment/removal of access rights in workflow
  • [NXP-27307] - Fix adding to Collections
  • [NXP-27316] - Deliver Latest Available Lazy Stored Rendition
  • [NXP-27320] - Allow underscore character in LDAP queries
  • [NXP-27345] - Fix adding to Groups
  • [NXP-27366] - Fix duplicate content-type header in gatling tests
  • [NXP-27371] - Fix multivalued complex field update when a blob is removed from a subfield
  • [NXP-27405] - Fix picture size truncation
  • [NXP-27448] - Button Forms are not applying autofocus
  • [NXP-27457] - Refresh comment when navigating among search results
  • [NXP-27473] - Fix NPE in S3 binary manager with CloudFront when generating CSV export
  • [NXP-27480] - Labels typos in untrash labels
  • [NXP-27486] - Fix folderish document content view for non-Administrators
  • [NXP-27531] - Allow non-Administrators to create documents
  • [NXP-27533] - Fix possible NPE in AbstractRenditionBuilderWork cleanup
  • [NXP-27534] - StreamWorkManager should not terminate worker thread in case of failure


  • [NXP-26856] - Remove web ui mp version from nuxeo-distribution
  • [NXP-27421] - Upgrade to Jackson 2.9.9


  • [NXP-26938] - Expose size as theme variables for create and edit popup
  • [NXP-27446] - Improve openId provider descriptor to handle user info request authentication per bearer

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