Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF30 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24449] - Fix infinite redirect loop when anonymous user signs out and wants to come back
  • [NXP-24819] - Don't do orphan versions cleanup by default
  • [NXP-24865] - Fix 'single directory radio' widget with 'onchange' custom property when used in list or complex field
  • [NXP-25058] - Render With Template shows all template versions
  • [NXP-26527] - Improve error handling in ImagingComponent
  • [NXP-26691] - StreamWorkManager workaround for large work
  • [NXP-26708] - Fix Document.RemoveItemFromListProperty throwing ClassCastException
  • [NXP-26745] - Remove _original files when setting metadata on binaries
  • [NXP-26816] - Fetching current task should resolve fields
  • [NXP-26840] - Do not log the exception when trying to reach Connect server with org.nuxeo.connect.server.reachable=false
  • [NXP-26841] - Quota exception not raised when version is incremented
  • [NXP-26849] - Elasticsearch error with TransportClient when copying a Proxy document
  • [NXP-26900] - Hide browsing by tags tab in JSF if facet implementation of tags
  • [NXP-26916] - Fix missing babel-helpers.min.js
  • [NXP-26983] - Make DublinCoreListener be triggered on aboutToCreate, not documentCreated (9.10 backport)
  • [NXP-27020] - Aggregates widgets Terms of type User Select should display firstName lastName instead of id
  • [NXP-27023] - JSF Bulk Import hangs on File Drop when SQLKeyValueStore enabled
  • [NXP-27025] - Audit search date filter does not work if beginDate equals endDate
  • [NXP-27026] - Canonicalize BlobProvider path property value
  • [NXP-27040] - Partial deploy generic directory component (9.10 backport)
  • [NXP-27127] - Freeze vaadin date-picker bower dependencies in 9.10 nuxeo-web-ui build
  • [NXP-27141] - Fix MongoDB GridFS blob serialization
  • [NXP-27159] - Fix audit query issue when using dates


  • [NXP-27042] - Add jdbc/keyvaluestore to datasources on 9.10
  • [NXP-27189] - Upgrade to nuxeo-connect-client 1.6.4

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