Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF03 - HTML format


  • [NXP-14863] - Batch initial statistics computation of quotas
  • [NXP-26781] - Add a default ES mapping for ecm:title
  • [NXP-26797] - Add icon for 'Collections' document type in Web UI
  • [NXP-26798] - Add i18n label for document type 'Collections' in Web UI
  • [NXP-26811] - Fix UserInvitationComponent erroneous request
  • [NXP-26866] - Fix StackoverflowError on mimetype detection
  • [NXP-26917] - Missing translations in nuxeo-diff
  • [NXP-27025] - Audit search date filter does not work if beginDate equals endDate


  • [NXP-26867] - Add getBucketName() to S3BinaryManager
  • [NXP-27014] - Update AWS SDK to latest version 1.11.516

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