Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF02 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24869] - Main attachment preview does not work when document has the Folderish facet
  • [NXP-26556] - Fix ordering of element 'nuxeo-vocabulary-management''s results
  • [NXP-26637] - Fix user resolution in 'Terms' aggregates widget
  • [NXP-26657] - Remove notifications on tags and comments migrator
  • [NXP-26746] - Setting Kafka SSL and SASL does not work
  • [NXP-26747] - Delete temporary files generated by converters
  • [NXP-26789] - Disabling the recent document drawer breaks the delete document action
  • [NXP-26809] - Fix MultiDirectory with LDAP
  • [NXP-26817] - Make KeyValueBlobTransientStore robust when underlying blob is missing
  • [NXP-26825] - Handle soft-delete enablement with child name unique constraint
  • [NXP-26850] - Fix i18n in element 'nuxeo-document-import'
  • [NXP-26854] - Remove obsolete contribution from webui named collectionsPage
  • [NXP-26864] - Fix nuxeo-duoweb-authentication package
  • [NXP-26874] - Fix MemKeyValueStore further concurrency issue
  • [NXP-26875] - Use a whole number of seconds for the OAuth 2 access token lifetime
  • [NXP-26881] - Fix GridFSBinaryManager to manage blob providers configured as transient
  • [NXP-26882] - Implement namespacing in GridFSBinaryManager
  • [NXP-26905] - Favorites don't display thumbnails


  • [NXP-26736] - Adapt Web UI Jenkinsfile for all maintenance branches
  • [NXP-26853] - Remove okhttp dependency
  • [NXP-26860] - Make Web UI build handle alloy i18n resources dynamic loading


  • [NXP-26687] - Better diagnostic logs when S3 copy fails
  • [NXP-26823] - Allow multiple configurations for AWSConfigurationService
  • [NXP-26852] - Add LTS version variable
  • [NXP-26899] - S3 multipart part size should be configurable
  • [NXP-26901] - S3 server side encryption header should be included in copy request if set in conf

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