Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF01 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24700] - Fix widget 'Multiple generic suggestion (advanced)' when used in a multi-valued complex property
  • [NXP-24867] - Types configuration in children with same settings does not work
  • [NXP-24868] - Download through contextual menu in content view does not work
  • [NXP-25447] - Fix validation of workflow task done thrice (on Chrome)
  • [NXP-25812] - Republishing a document removes its alerts subscriptions
  • [NXP-26405] - Elasticsearch error after copying a document from a Proxy document
  • [NXP-26525] - Fix storage of default values in the database
  • [NXP-26540] - Do not compute child sync roots when the target document is a version
  • [NXP-26604] - Fix page provider with unrestricted session property when overriden to use elasticsearch
  • [NXP-26629] - Fix task validation when using different set of editable variables on each task
  • [NXP-26655] - Collection id shown instead of title after saving search
  • [NXP-26683] - Fix rendition download to use proper reason/rendition in permission check
  • [NXP-26684] - Fix "Component class should be serializable: nuxeoDriveActions"
  • [NXP-26689] - Fix proof key verification when using custom `nuxeo.wopi.baseURL`
  • [NXP-26696] - Fix LogEntryProvider#queryLogs(AuditQueryBuilder) when using Predicates#in
  • [NXP-26707] - latency logger should skip non computation stream
  • [NXP-26709] - Fix LibreOffice user profile deletion
  • [NXP-26711] - text/partial used in importer is not processed and rendered
  • [NXP-26737] - DocumentModelResolver must consider the validation flag
  • [NXP-26761] - Fix version creator in versions listing
  • [NXP-26763] - Office documents PDF preview broken on Windows


  • [NXP-26656] - Make ecm:isProxy a valid field for aggregates
  • [NXP-26760] - Check user not null in BulkCommand.Builder

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