Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF26 - HTML format


  • [NXP-19616] - Azure blob download fails on files with spaces
  • [NXP-24953] - DocumentNotFoundException when restoring a version bound to deleted template
  • [NXP-25077] - Fix use of deprecated property 'file:filename' in addon 'nuxeo-groups-rights-audit'
  • [NXP-25744] - CAS+Anonymous: requesting a protected binary using an authorized user leads to CAS logout
  • [NXP-25867] - Users can contain non-existent groups using REST
  • [NXP-25955] - Fix operation 'Context.GetTaskNames' so that it retrieves tasks using a custom document type
  • [NXP-26503] - Fix multi-tenant group creation with system user
  • [NXP-26552] - Fix Folder rename in WebDAV
  • [NXP-26572] - Missing workflow translations
  • [NXP-26576] - Make S3 upload work with instance roles
  • [NXP-26578] - LogEntryJsonWriter doesn't handle complex in ExtendedInfo
  • [NXP-26604] - Fix page provider with unrestricted session property when overriden to use elasticsearch
  • [NXP-26607] - Fix default Kafka configuration for StreamWorkManager
  • [NXP-26610] - Cannot add entries to empty vocabulary


  • [NXP-26656] - Make ecm:isProxy a valid field for aggregates

Clean up

  • [NXP-24329] - Reduce target footprint size after Nuxeo Package build

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