Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF20 - HTML format


  • [NXP-25258] - Fix widget 'routing_task_target_document'
  • [NXP-25328] - Elasticsearch RestClient raises error on optimistic concurrency
  • [NXP-25682] - Can't use s3 direct upload if bucket prefix is defined
  • [NXP-25684] - Names containing brackets don't show up with WebDav
  • [NXP-25685] - WebDav returns bad requests with brackets filename
  • [NXP-25726] - Gracefully handle non-fatal enrichment errors
  • [NXP-25801] - Elasticsearch RestClient raises error on optimistic concurrency on 9.10
  • [NXP-25881] - Fix AbstractRenditionBuilderWork
  • [NXP-25922] - Fix form edition in webdriver tests using Mac OS
  • [NXP-25928] - Repository LIKE queries should be anchored on MongoDB

New Feature

  • [NXP-22520] - Add target platform filtering parameters to the "mp-listall" NuxeoCtl command


  • [NXP-25884] - Backport clipboard actions improvement


  • [NXP-25075] - Add new Nuxeo AWS service to get credentials and other config
  • [NXP-25596] - Nuxeo Vision for AWS Rekognition should use Environment Variables
  • [NXP-25945] - Update AWS SDK to latest version 1.11.427
  • [NXP-25947] - Move new Drive authentication flow to a new JSP
  • [NXP-25950] - Upgrade to nuxeo-connect-client 1.6.3

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