Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF13 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24415] - Poor display of small images in all views
  • [NXP-25021] - Handle expired session in WebUI
  • [NXP-25164] - CUDF request must preserve the version specifications or remove irrelevant conflicts
  • [NXP-25201] - Suggestion widget display changed after HF38 installation
  • [NXP-25215] - Fix deserialization problem when using a MongoDB Key/Value Store
  • [NXP-25257] - SchedulerService does not start when mongo connection string is encrypted
  • [NXP-25311] - Firefox: fix web ui loading bar when directly hitting a document
  • [NXP-25327] - Fix missing 'Weight' in 'PICTURE INFO' widget in 'view' layout of a 'Picture' document
  • [NXP-25408] - 8.10-HF30/9.10-HF09 breaks IE11 "Create Document" functionality in JSF
  • [NXP-25462] - Cannot rename a folder using WebDAV


  • [NXP-25110] - Allow enabling GWT annotations


  • [NXP-25062] - Expose create and update flags through contribution for UserMapperBasedResolver
  • [NXP-25375] - Replace findWork by getWorkState in AbstractLazyCachableRendition

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