Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF10 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24185] - Adding an alert on a proxy generates an error
  • [NXP-24514] - Only move selected documents in Ordered Folder
  • [NXP-24523] - Fix nuxeo-diff error when using a field with a constraint
  • [NXP-24682] - duplicate values shown when only one field should
  • [NXP-24789] - Fix WebUI anonymous user can access too much information
  • [NXP-24820] - Investigate on a possible memory leak with WebUI
  • [NXP-25005] - contributor appears multiple times with a user prefix when attaching files
  • [NXP-25068] - Fix Download key in Blob.BulkDownload operation
  • [NXP-25105] - Make nuxeo-vocabulary-management handle directory schemas with uppercase characters
  • [NXP-25116] - Concurrent update exception should never be swallowed
  • [NXP-25123] - Automation must not crash on cleanup when transaction is rollback-only
  • [NXP-25160] - Fix bulk nuxeo-delete-documents-action availability


  • [NXP-24957] - Backport S3 upload Feature 9.10HF

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