Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF07 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24501] - Fix view not visible when navigation from tree
  • [NXP-24507] - Nuxeo Launcher should remember the pending package actions after being restarted
  • [NXP-24643] - Fix update of multi-valued blob property with REST API
  • [NXP-24709] - DBCheck fails when using MariaDB and MongoDB at the same time
  • [NXP-24756] - Fix WebDAV file upload on Mac when the file name contains double byte character
  • [NXP-24801] - Allow to override page-povider headers to narrow fetched properties
  • [NXP-24824] - Correct mobile redirect (open in app) to allow opening the right document
  • [NXP-24832] - Implement ordered folder support for document types inheriting of OrderedFolder
  • [NXP-24878] - Fix 'int' widget's maximum value
  • [NXP-24884] - Email notification service must support encrypted parameters
  • [NXP-24909] - Use last JS client to embed the last fixes
  • [NXP-24924] - Do not hardcode the repository name in DocumentModelResolver class

New Feature

  • [NXP-24917] - Setup pipeline jobs and PR status checks for nuxeo-webui


  • [NXP-24934] - Add functionnal tests for nuxeo-document-suggestion widget bound on a field without resolver


  • [NXP-24960] - Split documentViewPage contribution based on different behaviors

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