Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF05 - HTML format


  • [NXP-24106] - SAML Endless loop when redirecting to the error page
  • [NXP-24266] - Fix loss of values in multi-valued fieds after restoring a draft
  • [NXP-24322] - Complex multi-value fields do not update properly when using MarkLogic
  • [NXP-24471] - Directory entry is not formatted after adding to a data table
  • [NXP-24480] - Cannot run automation subchain with parameters
  • [NXP-24673] - Fix since TinyMCE upgrade, bulleted and numbered lists buttons disappeared
  • [NXP-24677] - Fix WebDAV exception on document move
  • [NXP-24681] - Handle Directory field default value in creation form
  • [NXP-24683] - Fix tasks list overflow
  • [NXP-24699] - Fix startup with gridfsbinaries template
  • [NXP-24707] - Mixup of operations with parameters called by Automation Scripting
  • [NXP-24708] - Automation Scripting cache can grow indefinitely
  • [NXP-24720] - Table view does not resize correctly in search when drawer is open and closed
  • [NXP-24743] - Stop obscuring errors occurring at document creation or edition in Web UI
  • [NXP-24769] - Outdated easyshare dependency in addons pom.xml file

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