Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF23 - HTML format


  • [NXP-22311] - shibboleth invitation redirect ends with error
  • [NXP-23289] - Fix CAS2 template breaks permission granted to external users
  • [NXP-23711] - Lock icon tooltip is not localized
  • [NXP-23845] - Always remove the jsessionid parameter from the downloaded file name
  • [NXP-23871] - Fix value of node variables used in automation chains called in workflows when values are entered in 'Process' fancy box of 'TASKS DASHBOARD'
  • [NXP-24003] - Fix nuxeo-diff-pictures with IE11 in JSF UI
  • [NXP-24072] - Fix EmailHelper#newSession to return a distinct object at each call
  • [NXP-24076] - Fix group loss when login with Shibboleth + invitation addon
  • [NXP-24088] - JSON serialization fails on DeltaLong values


  • [NXP-24138] - Add a flag to enable document validation for all properties during creation

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