Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF19 - HTML format


  • [NXP-22020] - UserInvitationComponent relies on schema defined in addon nuxeo-platform-user-registration
  • [NXP-22542] - Can't use REST to alter a group custom field
  • [NXP-22569] - Make pageSize parameter configurable in select2 widgets
  • [NXP-22882] - incorrect bound template name
  • [NXP-22971] - <rich:fileUpload> does not display clear and clearall buttons in fancybox
  • [NXP-23220] - CSV importer does not show status (JSF UI)
  • [NXP-23222] - Bulk file import missing create button
  • [NXP-23232] - Support application/vnd.visio MIME type for Visio files
  • [NXP-23267] - Document creation applies validation on dirty fields only
  • [NXP-23301] - Fix 'userprofile' content enricher
  • [NXP-23337] - Remove from vaadin-sass-compiler JAR
  • [NXP-23362] - Fix hotkeys closing modal dialogs
  • [NXP-23378] - Cannot log-in with only Web-UI installed
  • [NXP-23437] - Fix conversion to DOC or DOCX using template rendering
  • [NXP-23445] - Parallel workflow ending in rejection displays empty tab
  • [NXP-23446] - Workflow tab is empty after Serial workflow is cancelled
  • [NXP-23451] - Don't log error on missing blob length
  • [NXP-23466] - Allow to use DocumentModel#copyContent with a SimpleDocumentModel
  • [NXP-23489] - Fix URL to download Drive client in WebUI
  • [NXP-23512] - Enable the Drive Edit action regardless of the Nuxeo Drive token application name's encoding
  • [NXP-23517] - Link to a document: Redirect to document after login
  • [NXP-23556] - Fix hotfixes resolution in nuxeoctl
  • [NXP-23564] - Unnecessary decode of 'requestUrl' request parameter
  • [NXP-23567] - Fix random webdriver test on ITDefaultWorkflowTest
  • [NXP-23615] - Updating a group through the REST API resets the fields that are not passed in the JSON object
  • [NXP-23622] - Upgrade nuxeo-js-client to 0.9.2
  • [NXP-23625] - Do not load SegmentIO analytics if user opted out
  • [NXP-23702] - Add missing range-index-configuration for some fields used in sorts


  • [NXP-23572] - Upgrade to nuxeo-connect-client 1.5.7


  • [NXP-23624] - Add a way to determine if we are on a dev instance in the SegmentIO script

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