Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 6.0-HF45 - HTML format


  • [NXP-21468] - Fix File Upload widget on change when a new file is not chosen
  • [NXP-21820] - Make 'start_route_widget' listbox widget's ordering configurable
  • [NXP-21954] - Fix operation 'Document.filter' when using 'condition' parameter with a list of document as input
  • [NXP-21982] - Add Spanish messages for id 'sp'
  • [NXP-22051] - Fix test TestDeckJSPDFConverter.testSampleDocument for 6.0
  • [NXP-22536] - Fix inconsistency between CoreSession#hasChildren and CoreSession#getChildren in 6.0
  • [NXP-22569] - Make pageSize parameter configurable in select2 widgets
  • [NXP-23313] - Fix queries on collection's elements with MongoDB
  • [NXP-23451] - Don't log error on missing blob length
  • [NXP-23459] - Make IWork to PDF conversion more robust by checking the file format (no corruption)


  • [NXP-23139] - Backport upgrade of Tomcat 7.0.81 to 8.10 HF

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