Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF16 - HTML format


  • [NXP-22227] - when an notification email is sent for permission assignment to a group, all users' email address should not be put in TO for all to see
  • [NXP-22260] - Fix multi valued JAVA system property on Windows in nuxeo.conf
  • [NXP-22819] - Define a page provider named LATEST_CREATED_USERS_OR_GROUPS_PROVIDER outside Elasticsearch modules
  • [NXP-23021] - Add debug logging in redis.retry.Retry
  • [NXP-23033] - ES not updated when document is versioned
  • [NXP-23067] - Cannot convert to ODT using template rendering
  • [NXP-23138] - Replace synchronized block by a ConcurrentMap to reduce the contention on connection acquisition
  • [NXP-23235] - MongoDB: Last created users and group page provider does not return all results when an entry has been deleted
  • [NXP-23245] - Id for external user cannot be handled by rest api when containing forward slashes
  • [NXP-23260] - Make the REST API work with directory entry id containing forward slashes


  • [NXP-23093] - Remove useless sort on dc:created in the workflow cleaner

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