Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 7.10-HF31 - HTML format


  • [NXP-21380] - Switching back to English locale is not effective immediately
  • [NXP-22242] - Page advance arrow not working in content views
  • [NXP-22665] - File is not named correctly when downloading the PDF version of the document
  • [NXP-22825] - Fix escaping issue when retrieving child sync roots
  • [NXP-22944] - Fix PDF download broken since HF25 when downloading more than once
  • [NXP-22950] - Allow to download a Blob when unauthenticated
  • [NXP-22957] - TinyMCE toolbars do not initialize properly since last fix
  • [NXP-23003] - Adapt functional tests when enabling JSF optims on 7.10
  • [NXP-23007] - Align 7.10 maintenance branch on a released version of tools-nuxeo-ftest
  • [NXP-23008] - Fix deployment of maintenance distributions
  • [NXP-23035] - Don't crash when doing XML import of unknown document type
  • [NXP-23036] - Fix parsing of NXQL ES hint with dash (-) in property name


  • [NXP-22951] - Add default deployment template to enable JSF optims on 7.10

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