Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF10 - HTML format



  • [NXP-20680] - Fix broken drag and drop with Safari 10
  • [NXP-21261] - Restart from update center does not stop the instance in 7.10
  • [NXP-21416] - Update URL to
  • [NXP-21430] - Fix wizard summary page character encoding for data storage directory
  • [NXP-21647] - Fix Elasticsearch audit page provider usage
  • [NXP-21919] - Fix hour in date formatting
  • [NXP-21959] - NPE when providing no password to create a user in LDAP
  • [NXP-22063] - Elasticsearch PageProvider should limit navigation to 10k limits
  • [NXP-22199] - localized error message when inviting a user is missing the username
  • [NXP-22237] - Hot reload breaks directory for non admin users
  • [NXP-22326] - Fix bad redirection to login page for anonymous blob download
  • [NXP-22418] - Impossible to follow published documents
  • [NXP-22489] - Move OAuth2Callback to core bundle
  • [NXP-22498] - api/v1/search/pp does not honor pp sort order if Elasticsearch is used
  • [NXP-22533] - suggestion does not work with empty field after 7.10 HF23 / 8.10 HF03 installation
  • [NXP-22537] - Missing audit entry when notification is enabled and document modified within a minute
  • [NXP-22552] - Under Windows 10 JDK 1.8, tomcat distro cannot bind process to
  • [NXP-22572] - Fix error when changing configuration from Admin Center Setup tab
  • [NXP-22574] - Fix JVM shutdown during MongoDB replica set failover
  • [NXP-22575] - Fix transaction timeout when paginate getChildren calls in BulkLifeCycleChangeListener
  • [NXP-22609] - Allow administrators to access sensitive directories
  • [NXP-22639] - Collection list are not displayed correctly
  • [NXP-22653] - Add PackageUpdateService to default distribution for hotreload support in 8.10


  • [NXP-22469] - Update Live Connect dropbox API to V2
  • [NXP-22605] - Move nuxeo-csv labels for web-ui to web-ui's messages.json


  • [NXP-21518] - Add default workflows to distribution without JSF
  • [NXP-22603] - Make perDocumentQuery attribute of facet descriptor overridable

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