Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF07 - HTML format


  • [NXP-19721] - Fix Elasticsearch random bug on TestAuditWithElasticSearch.shouldSupportMultiCriteriaQueries
  • [NXP-20517] - Drive: random test failure on TestESAuditChangeFinder for SuiteClass AuditChangeFinderTestSuite
  • [NXP-20884] - REST API endpoint for OAuth2 administration
  • [NXP-20962] - Drive: random test failure on TestESAuditChangeFinder for SuiteClass AuditChangeFinderClusteringEnabledTestSuite
  • [NXP-21569] - Fix no result displayed in CSV Importer
  • [NXP-21859] - LTS 2016 docker image should embed Libre Office 5.x
  • [NXP-22121] - Fix shifted value display when performing a quick search
  • [NXP-22216] - Explorer home is listing documents versions
  • [NXP-22284] - Fix random failure on AuditChangeFinderClusteringEnabledTestSuite with ES
  • [NXP-22286] - Prevent document removal if a live proxy still exists
  • [NXP-22313] - Fix nxDropZone jQuery plugin
  • [NXP-22376] - Update DAM addon on the slot names
  • [NXP-22377] - MongoDB directory must not crash when authenticating an unknown user
  • [NXP-22378] - MongoDB directory fails on old MongoDB versions
  • [NXP-22382] - Properties containing underscore are not well deserialized


  • [NXP-22351] - Move domain_documents page provider to core


  • [NXP-19448] - Migrate Nuxeo Target Platform as a Nuxeo Platform addon

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