Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF05 - HTML format


  • [NXP-14830] - Removing a user from a group (or deleting the group) for which the Read permission is granted on a folder synchronized for the given user is not detected as a deletion by Drive
  • [NXP-17091] - Allow use of $$ in nuxeo.conf variables
  • [NXP-19608] - Deadlock due to synchronized lock in AbstractLiveConnectBlobProvider.getCredential
  • [NXP-21807] - Prevent user workspace collision when two users have the same sanitized name
  • [NXP-21815] - Improve error message when non-integer value is entered in Integer widget
  • [NXP-21917] - Date format in Swedish
  • [NXP-21988] - 'preview' icon works only once
  • [NXP-21990] - Fix line-height for dropdown and input type files in JSF
  • [NXP-22022] - Memory leak when getting a big list of children on MarkLogic
  • [NXP-22024] - Fix user workspace detection when the workspace name has been renamed to remove special characters
  • [NXP-22038] - Fix template rendering samples with JSF UI
  • [NXP-22044] - Fix Studio hot reload
  • [NXP-22120] - Fix MongoDB directories initialization + missing caches and references configuration
  • [NXP-22134] - Fix parsing of org.nuxeo.runtime.redirectJUL
  • [NXP-22140] - Template Rendering Samples shouldn't add old template document types
  • [NXP-22143] - Fix D&D on Import popup

New Feature


  • [NXP-22205] - Allow better runtime extensibility


  • [NXP-21824] - Improves scroll API performance on MarkLogic
  • [NXP-22131] - Allow dynamic log4j.xml configuration changes

Clean up

  • [NXP-21972] - Fix random ThreeDConvertersTest failures

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