Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF04 - HTML format


  • [NXP-14218] - Fix XML import when using mixin facets
  • [NXP-17322] - Fix Directory cache metrics
  • [NXP-19125] - Can't Export Audit as Excel File
  • [NXP-19373] - Allow use of new Oracle JDBC drivers (ojdbc7)
  • [NXP-20282] - Prevent metadata update of blobs managed with liveconnect
  • [NXP-21336] - Cell separator must not be empty in excel2text converter
  • [NXP-21422] - Fix icon style on navigation by tags page - JSF UI
  • [NXP-21433] - addon 'connect-tools-report' always generates all reports even when individual report(s) is/are selected
  • [NXP-21449] - 'nuxeoctl connect-report' fails when executed in a docker container or a VM (VirtualBox)
  • [NXP-21455] - Enable to configure CORS on embedded elasticsearch cluster
  • [NXP-21602] - Fix Binary Metadata storage incompatibility between the value and the field (simple vs list)
  • [NXP-21606] - Fix random test failure on CollectionAsynchronousDuplicateTest.testCopyFolderContainingACollectionWithManyMembers on mssql
  • [NXP-21659] - Fix the static WAR distribution generation (nuxeoctl pack)
  • [NXP-21696] - NPE when checking ACE with a null permission name
  • [NXP-21718] - PdfViewer not working without JSF
  • [NXP-21742] - Fix document access through CMIS when the document holds obsolete facets
  • [NXP-21867] - Fix NPE when unregistering custom contribution to userManager extension point
  • [NXP-21872] - Edit Result Columns fancy box cancel button does not reinitialize values
  • [NXP-21887] - Saving search does not work in some cases
  • [NXP-21889] - Unable to add ACL on a document with a computed group and virtual user
  • [NXP-21935] - Fix tooltip not showing for nuxeo-render-template-button
  • [NXP-21950] - DAM Asset search is not in auto mode
  • [NXP-21956] - Move es EVENTS_VIEW page provider to nuxeo-elasticsearch-audit
  • [NXP-21975] - Fix deckjs tests
  • [NXP-21986] - Fix thumbnail enricher when using multiple repositories
  • [NXP-22031] - Fix issue when setting up MongoDB from wizard
  • [NXP-22033] - Fix template rendering in firefox and internet explorer with Web UI
  • [NXP-22037] - h:inputText does not have generated onchange anymore
  • [NXP-22045] - Fix incorrect error management blocking Tomcat threads
  • [NXP-22046] - Drive download links from the Web UI should be dynamic
  • [NXP-22048] - NullPointerException when fetching Automation doc with nuxeo-template-rendering-samples installed
  • [NXP-22071] - Fix date formatting in template rendering
  • [NXP-22088] - Fix String split util with escape parameter
  • [NXP-22098] - Fix packages_marketplace-lang-ext-incomplete-1.0_8.10

New Feature

  • [NXP-20766] - On a template, list documents that have been rendered using this template.
  • [NXP-21591] - Add references management in MongoDB directories


  • [NXP-21352] - Review the nuxeo-connect-tools modules
  • [NXP-21486] - Migrate template rendering to new Web UI
  • [NXP-21560] - Split template rendering for JSF UI
  • [NXP-21632] - Re-release template rendering for 8.10-HF04 post JSF split
  • [NXP-21723] - Create action to clear bindings and delete template
  • [NXP-21844] - Adapt template rendering samples for 9.1 / web ui
  • [NXP-21876] - Replace paper-item by nuxeo-page-item
  • [NXP-21886] - Create custom mongoDB auto-increment logic for directories
  • [NXP-21933] - Rename MongoDB Ext package


  • [NXP-21051] - Deploy a bundle partially
  • [NXP-21394] - Complete nuxeoctl help on connect-report
  • [NXP-21639] - Add/Validate Elasticsearch 2.4.x support with LTS 2016
  • [NXP-21759] - Make ecm:isLatestVersion an optional feature
  • [NXP-21847] - Improve nuxeo-tree-snapshot performance

Clean up

  • [NXP-22021] - Use Framework.doPrivileged in Me endpoint

User story

  • [NXP-18546] - Add CurrentUser endpoint "/me"

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