Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 7.10-HF24 - HTML format


  • [NXP-14218] - Fix XML import when using mixin facets
  • [NXP-17091] - Allow use of $$ in nuxeo.conf variables
  • [NXP-17271] - Fix placeholders display on text widgets
  • [NXP-19125] - Can't Export Audit as Excel File
  • [NXP-19373] - Allow use of new Oracle JDBC drivers (ojdbc7)
  • [NXP-19711] - After navigating to 'Permissions' tab of a document, drag and drop of a file in 'Summary' or 'Content' tab stops working
  • [NXP-20191] - Fix action when hitting the ENTER key in the Elasticsearch Admin screen
  • [NXP-20282] - Prevent metadata update of blobs managed with liveconnect
  • [NXP-21381] - drag'n'drop in navigation tree does not work after switching tab
  • [NXP-21645] - Wizard Recap page layout is not formatted properly
  • [NXP-21696] - NPE when checking ACE with a null permission name
  • [NXP-21742] - Fix document access through CMIS when the document holds obsolete facets
  • [NXP-21807] - Prevent user workspace collision when two users have the same sanitized name
  • [NXP-21867] - Fix NPE when unregistering custom contribution to userManager extension point
  • [NXP-21872] - Edit Result Columns fancy box cancel button does not reinitialize values
  • [NXP-21887] - Saving search does not work in some cases
  • [NXP-22024] - Fix user workspace detection when the workspace name has been renamed to remove special characters
  • [NXP-22031] - Fix issue when setting up MongoDB from wizard
  • [NXP-22037] - h:inputText does not have generated onchange anymore
  • [NXP-22045] - Fix incorrect error management blocking Tomcat threads
  • [NXP-22048] - NullPointerException when fetching Automation doc with nuxeo-template-rendering-samples installed
  • [NXP-22134] - Fix parsing of org.nuxeo.runtime.redirectJUL
  • [NXP-22143] - Fix D&D on Import popup


  • [NXP-22191] - Upgrade tools-nuxeo-ftests to version 1.7.25


  • [NXP-21759] - Make ecm:isLatestVersion an optional feature
  • [NXP-21847] - Improve nuxeo-tree-snapshot performance
  • [NXP-22131] - Allow dynamic log4j.xml configuration changes

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