Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 7.10-HF23 - HTML format


  • [NXP-19336] - Fix context menu on widgets 'Document id title with link' and 'Title with link' when used in content view in custom tab
  • [NXP-20792] - Fix Java version evaluation at startup
  • [NXP-21506] - cannot use commas in documentSuggestion widgets
  • [NXP-21509] - Fix unnecessary invalidations in the tabs management which reset the current sub tabs
  • [NXP-21554] - Fix CSS for new CLID display in wizard and Admin NOS tab
  • [NXP-21574] - vocabulary entries created with Directory.CreateEntries are not visible in widgets
  • [NXP-21635] - Force authentication when the download fails in an anonymous session
  • [NXP-21676] - Reset Drive synchronization on copied documents
  • [NXP-21680] - Fix batching in DocumentRoutingWorkflowInstancesCleanup listener
  • [NXP-21714] - addons-core visible in 7.10 possibly in 6.0
  • [NXP-21734] - Fix failure of Redis work done cleanup on duplicate job
  • [NXP-21744] - Do not throw an exception for a query on proxies when proxies are disabled
  • [NXP-21854] - Don't send duplicate ids to Drive by default when creating a Folder/File with an existing title
  • [NXP-21863] - Cannot start Nuxeo with Java 8 u121 on Windows
  • [NXP-21866] - Fix document uid and path value after creation when skipping versioning


  • [NXP-20892] - DBS deltas information used by quota can be slow
  • [NXP-21712] - Fix misc contentions on document creation
  • [NXP-21853] - Allow to not overwrite an existing folder at import

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