Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF02 - HTML format


  • [NXP-19777] - Make it possible to use Nuxeo CSV on the new WEB UI


  • [NXP-17679] - Fix NuxeoLauncher.start() on paths with space on windows
  • [NXP-21431] - unsupported JDK when containing spaces
  • [NXP-21447] - RedisClusterInvalidator subscriber does not recover properly on failure
  • [NXP-21507] - Drive remote scan should not fail because of OAuth errors on Google Drive documents
  • [NXP-21559] - Add user check when assigning a permission
  • [NXP-21599] - HF > 17 breaks shibboleth login
  • [NXP-21635] - Force authentication when the download fails in an anonymous session
  • [NXP-21642] - Decode UTF-8 filenames from a multipart request to automation
  • [NXP-21660] - Fix startup in XA mode
  • [NXP-21663] - Fix DBS cache metrics record
  • [NXP-21664] - Add approximative size of DBS cache in metrics
  • [NXP-21668] - Change message on import CSV
  • [NXP-21669] - Stop status requests on Close
  • [NXP-21680] - Fix batching in DocumentRoutingWorkflowInstancesCleanup listener

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